The firm

We have several meeting rooms of different
sizes which are equipped with the most adequate communication systems and video...

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Area of Practice

Banking Law – Capital Markets. Associations - Insurance. Mediation - Arbitration...

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Mission and objectives

APM Layers has as main objective to become one of the most recognized law firms in Argentina,..

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We would like to share with you some thoughts of exemplary writers and with whom all of our team agrees with:

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible (Arthur Clarke, English physicist & science fiction author (1917 -2008 )

If you don’t think of your future, you will not have any at all" ( John Kenneth Galbraith, Canadian economist, 1908-2006)

Great  ideas are those which the only thing that does not surprise us is the fact that we hadn’t thought of them before(Noel Claraso, Spanish writer, 1905-1985)

To work is always helpful, it is not about doing what we imagined, but to discover what we have inside (Boris Pasternak, Russian poet, 1890-1960)"


Mission and Objectives


APM Abogados has, as we’ve seen, a long way of experience in the field of law with a great advantage which is to count with the professional counseling of former members of the Judiciary and academics of first level, together with attorneys at law who provide their services as lawyers for decades now and who work in different areas such as private matters, litigation and/or counseling according to the needs of our clients.

All these assets optimize the results that our clients expect from us when coming to our firm for legal solutions.


APM Abogados aims to become one of the most important legal firms in Argentina to be considered as a reference by other legal firms, not only for our efficiency but also because of the moral values and ethical behaviour reflected in the background of our team members.

APM Abogados is also concerned with the incorporation of younger lawyers to the firm who are to share with us the same standards of moral, and principles. The genuine character, and, not merely declaratory of this idea, can be verified due to the fact that the formation of future generations of professionals has been part of our members’ main activities in their lives as shown in their academic careers, and educational backgrounds detailed herein - both in undergraduate courses and in post-graduate ones.


-        Celerity

-        Discretion

-        Personalized service

-        Creativity

-        Innovation

-        Valued Customer Service

-        Resource Optimization

-        Teamwork

-        Professional secrecy