The firm

We have several meeting rooms of different
sizes which are equipped with the most adequate communication systems and video...

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Area of Practice

Banking Law – Capital Markets. Associations - Insurance. Mediation - Arbitration...

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Mission and objectives

APM Layers has as main objective to become one of the most recognized law firms in Argentina,..

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Decades of experience in legal consultancy and lawsuits

One of the main characteristics of the buffet is that the team is composed, on the one hand, by university professors, and expertise men at law who were part of the most remarkable doctrinarians in the country and who were also Judges with a vast experience and a prestigious career. On the other hand, it is composed by lawyers who have decades of experience in the field of law regarding legal consultancy and lawsuits, and who were in charge of hierarchical positions as directors in both financial and business high-level organizations.


Dra. Gabriela Elisa Pérez
Dra. María Valeria Mussi
Dra. Cecilia Jiménez
Dr. Pablo Gabriel Gómez
Dra. Mariela K. Prato Leynaud


Dra. Beatriz R.Martorello    
Dr. Enrique Strega   
Dr. Eduardo Gerome    
Dr. Ruben Junco    
Dr. Víctor Junco    
Dr. Norberto San Marco    
Dr. Hugo Lanzieri

About us


APM Lawyers & Associates specializes in different legal areas at law, as detailed herein, and its headquarter is located in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

One of the main characteristics of the firm is that our team is composed, on the one hand, by university professors, and legal scholars of law who were some of the most remarkable doctrinarians in the country, and who were also Judges with a prestigious career and a great reputation. On the other hand, it is composed by lawyers who have decades of experience in the field of law regarding legal consultancy and litigation, including hierarchical positions as directors in high-level financial, and business organizations.

A peculiar synergy is generated between these so similar, and, at the same time, so different practice legal areas, which maximizes the lawyers’ expertise reflected in the service provided to their clients as they create their own strategies taking into account these two different aspects of these sectors of the professional counseling activity.

Moreover, we have signed cooperation agreements with other law firms in Germany, Brazil, Uruguay, USA, Spain, and Chile, among others, which enable us to provide our services according to the needs of the international trade regardless of the geographical location of the requested legal assistance.


We have an extensive clientele that includes individuals, financial institutions and large companies, small and medium-sized companies, as well as various Non-Governmental Organizations [NGOs].

Younger colleagues with an excellent professional profile are also part of this firm apart from the aforementioned lawyers. They have been carefully selected according to their expertise field at law.

The first group has counseled so far for about thirty years or more, and the second, – obviously - for a lesser period of time; even though they nourish permanently from the knowledge of the elders.

Celerity, discretion, and personalized service are some of the main distinguishing features that describe us best. We are divided into different teams that work with specific fields of authority, and they are always supervised by a designated expertise in that field. This organized way of working together allows us to improve the quality of service provided, and it is even easier for the attorneys-at- law who own the buffet to verify the quality of the service provided due to the fact that the team leaders report directly to them so as to keep them informed on a regular basis.

The firm has a creative and innovative attitude. Moreover, as legal consultants we play a very significant social role in the community.

We specialize in private business law, as well as other subjects, such as corporate law, financing, banking, and/or other fields of law derived from this business area (company law, creditors meetings, bankruptcy, extrajudicial private agreements, etc.). These various fields are constantly a part of our daily basis for our legal background, not only at the consulting stage but also in the litigation one.

We also have a vast experience in class action cases, which were recently applied in the Argentinean laws and Courts of Law in cases regarding monetary discrepancies (bank users protection, investors in the capital market, etc.), environmental law cases, and consumer protection issues.

Regarding class action cases, our study performs -for years now- the legal representation of well-known NGOs in all the legal areas aforementioned, which determined that regarding that area –class action cases – our firm is considered to be one of the best consultancy teams in the market, which is more knowledgeable and has a vast experience in legal disputes.