The firm

We have several meeting rooms of different
sizes which are equipped with the most adequate communication systems and video...

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Area of Practice

Banking Law – Capital Markets. Associations - Insurance. Mediation - Arbitration...

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Mission and objectives

APM Layers has as main objective to become one of the most recognized law firms in Argentina,..

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Practice Area

  • Class action or collective action cases for the protection of the right of groups related to property, services, environment, or health matters.
  • Customer Rights.
  • Environmental Law.
  • Competition law.
  • Property Law. New types of property.
  • Banking Law.
  • Taxation.
  • Economic Criminal Law.
  • Social Security and Labor Law.
  • Procedural Law. Extraordinary Legal Remedies.
  • Trust.
  • Protection of the investors in capital market (negotiable instruments, shares, extrajudicial private agreements, etc.).
  • Creditor’s meetings and bankruptcy proceedings.
  • National and International Civil Law.
  • National and International Commercial Law.
  • Mercosur.
  • Negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution.


One of our most remarkable practice areas of our firm is the Procedural Law background we have – in litigation as well as in ordinary or extraordinary legal remedies- every time that –as it is well known- every right must be accompanied by the corresponding procedural ground. Such level of excellence is accomplished due to the fact that the legal consultants dealing with these matters are directed by Roland Arazi, one of the most prestigious attorneys at law in the area of procedural law.

Real Property Law is another area of expertise of our firm, and the reason why it is considered as having a distinguished technical level due to the fact that the legal counselling and all possible suits are directed by one of the most prestigious attorneys specialized in Real Property Law: Marina D.A. Mariani de Vidal.

All banking issues are directed by Osvaldo A. Prato who is responsible for all the internal matters related to Banking Law as well as their obligations toward the public. It consists of another area of practice in which our firm provides a service of excellence to our clients.

International Private Law matters are coordinated by an attorney at law of a great experience and knowledge: Beatriz R. Martorello.

All matters related to Administrative Law are coordinated by attorney at law Eduardo A. Merola who is part of the legal staff of very well-known public and private companies related to public administration and/or private bids of great importance.