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We have several meeting rooms of different
sizes which are equipped with the most adequate communication systems and video...

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Banking Law – Capital Markets. Associations - Insurance. Mediation - Arbitration...

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Mission and objectives

APM Layers has as main objective to become one of the most recognized law firms in Argentina,..

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APM in the Media

2009-Feb-07 Fortuna

Argentine people victims of “the Madoff fraud”

Roberto Molina and Osvaldo Prato represent more than 200 people and start a class action in the country for which they claim U$S 750 million dollars Read more...(in spanish)

2008-Jan-10 BAE

A dozen of bankers are summoned to court because of the "corralito"

To promote the back up of their headquarters Read more...(in spanish)

2008-Jan-02 La Ley

Class action vs. Consumer associations by Osvaldo Prato

Read more...(in spanish)

2007-Dec-17 El Cronista

Emergency Economic Act and the holdouts: truth and lies

Read more...(in spanish)

2007-Dec-12 BAE

Court rejects an investor special injunction and defends the Emergency Economic Act   It

pursues to draw funds in dollars plus benefits
(in spanish)

2007-Dec-03 El Cronista

"Each single case has its small amount. The only solution consists of action classes

promoted by NGOs" Osvaldo Prato

Read more..(in spanish)

2007-Sep-13 BAE

Scotiabank presents an agreement with creditors to Court Bankruptcy

arisen in 2001 crisis would be over Read more...(in spanish)

2007-Mar-15 El Cronista

Inflation manipulation affects labor and civil suits The intervention of the INDEC starts to

affect Justice
(in spanish)

2006-Aug-14 El Cronista

Adverse sentence to Italian Banks will affect the verdict of Argentinean judges

The firm promoting the mega lawsuit for malpractice vs. 21 argentine Banks. Osque anticipated the European concept of the bond holder as “finance consumer” Read more...
(in spanish)

2006-Aug-07 La Nación

Bond holders pursue to collect in Argentina

As creditors cannot take legal possession of the assets abroad, they will seek to have their sentences pronounced here Read more...(in spanish)

2006-Aug-06 Clarín

Scotiabank Quilmes Creditors

Lawsuit in Toronto (Canada) Read more...(in spanish)

2005-Dec-14 El Cronista

Rumors about the attachment and the Wall Street doubts about the economic future New

York Justice denies precautionary measures
(in spanish)

2005-Nov-21 La Nación

AFJP is sued for accepting the debt swap arrangement

An amount of 14,000 million Argentine pesos is claimed by the legal entity called Financial Damnified Read more...
(in spanish)

2005-Nov-09 La Nación

Justice gives a favorable sentence to a bond holder who refused to accept the swap


It could establish a precedent for holders of public securities who rejected the government’s offer. Read more...(in spanish)

2005-Aug-08 La Nación

Banks are sued because of the default

A group of Argentine bond holders promote lawsuits for US$ 25,000 million dollars due to “malpractice” Read more...(in spanish)

2005-Jan-21 El Cronista

A group of bond holders sue banks for unpaid securities

They allege malpractice in the financial advice they had in years 2001 and 2002 Read more...
(in spanish)

2005-Feb-04 El Cronista

Wall Street: "Applying the law is causing more trouble than benefits"

The opinion of the investor banks’ analysts. Read more...(in spanish)